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Past Life Regression

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I was floating upward, up into the sky, above the clouds. I floated with the clouds for a while until it was time to come down. Descending slowly back to Earth. I find myself standing on the bank of a river. The river is wide, I can see reeds growing all around, on both sides of the river. There are trees behind me, thick. This place feels familiar to me. I look around and I can hear music, a flute of some kind in the distance. It sounds like its coming from across the river or downriver further. It is warm.

I am wearing something on my head. I can’t describe what it is as I cannot see myself. I am in myself. I know that the headdress is tall. I am wearing a long breech clout that is decorated down the front with triangle designs. Attached to my waist are pouches. I do not need to look inside them as I know they contain herbs, stones and crystals. I have something across my body diagonally from my shoulder to my waist. A cloth.

I am standing there listening to the music in the distance. From the trees to my right comes a large cat. I have never seen this kind before. Its coat on its body is like a leopard but slightly darker and its head is almost totally black. It walks up close to me and has its head very close. I can touch the cats head, I am looking at him and amazed by the size of the head and the dark black fur. He is just looking at me in the eyes. He turns and walks back into the trees from where he came, then stops. He returns to me and then with purpose walks back to the trees. He does this several times, I’m not sure why. Then he comes back to me but this time when he turns I hear him speak in my head. “Come”. He is signalling me with his head to follow him. He speaks in my head again, loud and clear, ‘Come, follow, this way, Come’.

I follow the big cat into the trees, we walk through the trees, not for long or far until we come to an opening. A clearing where there are stone blocks set around. Some are stacked on top of each other forming pillars and seats and walls. Some of the blocks are carved with shapes curved and some detailed. There is a large built wall or building with a stone carved head protruding from the centre. The head has a beak, like a bird, a large beak. I am supposed to be here. I look around and the cat is gone. I am here for a while and taking it all in.

I am called back, back to the sky where I am on the clouds again for a while. When I descend I am brought back into this life.

At this time I couldn’t really pinpoint where I was. What the stone building and carving were from. And the cat seemed unreal. I had not seen a cat like this. Around six months later I was watching the documentary channel on the television and some images were shown that caught my eye. The sound was off and I didn’t hear what it was about. The images where at first of a river similar to the one I was on the banks of. Then they showed images of stone monuments and there was the head with the large birds beak. This place was somewhere in northern South America but it didn’t pinpoint the location. I immediately began to research online trying to find where this place could be. I could not find enough to let me know, nor could I find the right stone structures.

A few years later I had just got back from the Gold Coast flying into Melbourne. The last couple of times I thought I had seen out the window a pyramid shaped hill in the middle of predominantly flat land. This time I managed to get a photo of it. When I got home I started researching pyramids in Australia. There was a bit of information on them. Certainly one specific one up in Queensland that was filmed by a guy walking around it and pointing out interesting obvious human made structures that had been semi buried for a long time. Stones with purpose made holes and etchings in them. The only thing about a pyramid I could find near Melbourne was a place called Pyramid Hill. However at this stage I had been sidetracked in my research by some images of a stone structure with a beaked head mounted into the front of it. I followed up on the images and found that these structures were the Copan Ruins. I started researching more about the structures and the location and found so many similarities to my journey I had. I discovered also that this place had a river running right by it. This is the place, I knew, I could feel it. This is one of the only places where birds heads were used in the carving and structures as the culture held the native bird of that area, the Macaw, as sacred.

This is definitely the place I was visiting in my Past Life Regression... and now a place I must visit again.

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