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Stone Circle Tattoo Studio

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Melbourne's Intentional Tattoo Studio


Stone Circle Tattoo has brought together artists who are Masters in their very own unique Workings.

Masters of Geometry who understand the magic of shape and design, fusing beautiful creations with the body to bring aesthetic symmetry. Powerfully adorning the vessel and temple we have been blessed with this lifetime. Shape and Geometry are vibrating frequencies and when you adorn your body with these beautiful structures you are raising your frequency, shifting you, you are actually vibrating at a higher frequency visually and energetically. You feel it... and everyone else feels it.

Experts in Ancestral Connection who bring together your own lineages and cultural connections, assisting in healing ancestral trauma and bringing a sense of understanding, connection and purpose to your life. Representing our ancestors is a very important practice that has been lost in many cultures over the centuries if not millennia. Our ancestors are standing with us... let them know we acknowledge them... let us stand with them.

Master Artists and Healers who bring together other healing modalities into the creation and application of your tattoo. Transpersonal Art Therapy, Reiki and a range of energy healing systems to assist in transformation and self integration. Healing trauma and imbalances that can be blocking us from our true potential here. Shifting blocked energy and clearing undesirable patterns that no longer serve us.

Intuitive Artists who through their own approach and ritual bring forth your tattoo design from what spirit shows them. Tapping deeper into the spirit realm these artists will bring forth what is divinely yours. This process brings understanding and unravels the mysteries of your higher self, connecting you with your guides and your higher purpose. Much healing and transformation can come from wearing the designs and images accessed through divine connection.

Stone Circle Tattoo isn’t just a tattoo studio, it is a place of personal transformation. Stone Circle is a gathering of exceptional Masters who through their individual practices provide transformation... aesthetically, energetically and spiritually.

Take the journey... and welcome to this Sacred Circle.



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