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General Readings or Specific Readings:


If you’re looking for some guidance on a particular area in your live… or just wanting some insights into the energies and situations manifesting around you then we can tap into information that will help you walk your path in a more conscious way.


Pre-Tattoo Readings:


This type of reading is perfect in assisting us with the type of energies and frequencies being manifested around the story and intentions your tattoo holds and represents. This reading can provide clarity and a deeper meaning surrounding the purpose and representation your tattoo holds for you. 

A Pre-Tattoo Reading assists with deeper perspectives and clearer direction in what we need to bring to the session. It awakens levels of consciousness and opens aspects that may not have been realised yet. This in turn creating a wonderful and intention orientated connection with your tattoo.


What You Get:


You will receive your Reading in high quality video format to view as the reading unfolds. The benefit of this is you can re-watch and review your reading whenever you like as information lands with you and realisations and epiphanies awaken. A PDF of the transcript will accompany the video for reading and reference.


Thank you and may your journey bring insights.