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Lets bring to tattooing the knowledge and understanding the ancients believed and worked with. It is time to bring back the Old Ways, from a time that has been forgotten in most areas of the World and a practice that had Spiritual Connection, Ceremony, Healing and a way of Balancing the Energies that make us who we are on this journey.  In a world of superficial consumerism and distractions keeping us from truly connecting with ourselves, our ancestors and our relationship, or “Creationship", with the People and World around us, it is time to help balance these energies that connect us to Spirit, Heart, Mother Earth and the Universe. 

Specialising In:    Ta Moko, Maori Tattoo, Polynesian Tattoo, Celtic & Nordic Tattoo, Indigenous Cultures of the World

Melbourne and Gold Coast Locations

I work in both Melbourne and on the Gold Coast with regular visits between the two locations. To book in either location please click through to the bookings page. 

Filipino Croatian Tattoo

Ancestor Tattoo
Shane Coley

Ta Moko

Ta Moko. Maori Tattoo. Kirituhi. Mataora. Moko Kauae. Ta Moko.   Not just a tattoo or an art form... but also an important journey and process of cultural recognition and connection to Whakapapa, genealogy, a physical expression in the lines placed on the body facilitating connection to the Tipuna, Ancestors and your journey and growth past, present and future...


Polynesian Tatau. Samoan Tatau. Fijian Tatau. Cook Islands Tattoo. Rotuma Tatau. Tahitian Tattoo. Filipino Tattoo. Solomon Islands. Kiribati. Incorporating meaningful patterns into an art form which flows with the body and the placement there on.  this form of contemporary Tatau/tattooing is a beautiful way of telling your story and your journey on your body...

Celtic & Viking

Celtic Tattoos. Viking Tattoos. The tattooed Picts of Scotland and the symbolic markings of other ancient Celtic and Nordic tribes are an important history for our peoples that really needs to be revived and revered again. Representing your Celtic and Nordic ancestry through tattooing the ancient symbols is an important step to revitalising and representing these cultures...


Shanes passion for colour work is best demonstrated in the Japanese style tattoo work.  The combination of black and grey wash with colour is always prominent in Japanese style tattoo work.  Shane worked in Japan three years in a row working alongside and learning from some of the best Japanese tattoo artists in Tokyo. Applying these techniques Shane has developed his own contemporary style in Japanese tattoo art.

White Ink

White Ink Tattoos are a wonderful way to be tattooed in a more subtle way. Sometimes we want the lines or symbols on us but not so obvious and noticeable. White Ink is a really beautiful way to carry your special symbol or design. 

White Ink Tattoos are soft, delicate and have a mystical appearance about them. A subtle way of wearing your meaningful symbol, talisman, sigil, rune and anything meaningful or decorative. 



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