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Tattoos Of Healing



BioSignatures are precisely constructed linear diagrams which have the exact geometric configuration as specific vital energy patterns within the human body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians of the body, but are related to the energy flow within the geometric configurations of the organs in the human body. They play a major role in “forming” the organs energy functions. When introduced into the body’s surrounding energy field or applied to the skin via tattooing, the BioSignatures are activated by the energy being channeled through them (in a manner similar to electricity activating the printed circuits on a computer chip). The activated BioSignatures then resonate with the corresponding energy patterns in the human body, causing a harmonic amplification that restores the correct energy flow and qualitative balance of that pattern. BioSignatures clear subtle energy blockages and maintain proper energy flow, as well as introduce the natural energy-balancing BG3 qualities. These corrections are instantaneous on the energy level, but physical manifestations vary depending on the specific nature of the problem and the underlying energy conditions. A general combination of BioSignatures can be used to facilitate general wellbeing and balance. 

There are literally hundreds of BioSignatures for balancing bodily organs, ailments and conditions, and for each organ, ailment or condition there are sometimes several different BioSignatures of which only one may be correct for that person. An assessment process is used to detect which BioSignature is correct for that particular individual, along with a process to define where on the body the BioSignature or combination is best placed for that person if requested. 


Below are just a few examples:

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Ogham Staves


Named after Ogma, the Celtic god of eloquence and literacy, the staves are symbols similar in use to Viking runes that were carved into stone and wood. The Ogham alphabet is also used in divination. Each one already steeped in folklore and healing medicine, each representing long established magical powers and metaphysical meanings. There are 20 original letters in the Ogham alphabet which were found inscribed on many megalithic stone structures and five more that were added later on. Each corresponds to a letter or sound, as well as a tree or wood. The Druids, as they were finely attuned to the spiritual powers of nature, are credited with choosing the trees to be associated with the moon cycles and Ogham symbols. In addition, each of these symbols has come to be associated with various meanings and elements of the human experience.

The Ogham staves can be used for writing, pulled for divination, or used in combination or singularly for energy healing and balancing.

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