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Celtic & Nordic Tattoos

Having Celtic and Nordic ancestry included in his background, Shane has extensive knowledge and wisdom on the designs, art forms, history and mythology of the Indigenous tribes of ancient Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Scandinavian lands.


The ancient history of these peoples have in most part been lost, forgotten or wiped out through a series of Imperial and Religious colonisations long in the past. Art forms that remain give us a beautiful connection to these ancestors and the mythology when understood as metorphorical can be interpreted as factual history.


Shane has spent many years in study and research of the Ancient Celtic peoples and the pre Celts of those lands leading back to the Tuatha De Dannan, the Fir Bolg and the Formorians. The connection with the pre colonised Celts and the technologically, spiritually advanced Tuatha De Dannan is particularly interesting and important. 


The tattooed Picts of Scotland and the symbolic markings of other ancient Celtic tribes are an important history for our peoples that really needs to be revived and revered again. Representing your Celtic and Nordic ancestry through tattooing the ancient symbols is an important step to revitalising and representing these cultures.

Celtic & Nordic Tattoo Gallery

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