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Begin your tattoo journey here. Please provide aspects you would like incorporated into your tattoo or ta moko with a description of size and location. I will then create your tattoo incorporating your journey or story on you, or through you, together energetically at your appointment. I feel being present with you during the creation process is most important. I believe the design process with you in front of me lets what needs to flow through flow. I will be bringing what is already yours to the surface. 
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Melbourne & Gold Coast Locations

I work in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast regularly. Please choose your preferred location to be tattooed in the booking form.

Thank you.
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If you are wanting to book a ceremonial tattoo a special consultation is required. Please click here

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The Alchemy of Tattooing


Welcome to The Alchemy of Tattooing, Wisdoms of Ancestor Tattoo, where we explore and revive the ancient understandings and methods of tattooing… for transformation, creation and shifting into a higher vibration… through processes so effective that it seems like Magick… or is it indeed… the true definition of Magick. The Alchemy of Tattooing.

Terms & Conditions

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