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Ta Moko & Maori Tattoos

Ta Moko, not just a tattoo or an art form... but also an important journey and process of cultural recognition and connection to Whakapapa, genealogy, a physical expression in the lines placed on the body facilitating connection to the Tipuna, Ancestors and your journey and growth past, present and future.

Creation of your Ta Moko begins with you, for it is your story we are representing in the design. Once we understand your concepts and ideas and anything else you would like to incorporate into your Ta Moko we can begin birthing the design, bringing it to the surface. 

Part of the creation of your Ta Moko is to transform your story onto you, revealing the designs and patterns that will represent your Whakapapa and korero, your genealogy and story, your ancestors and your personal journey.


This is an energetic connection and a process where your design flows and creates itself as we lay the lines on your body following the curves and physical structure of you. Once drawn on and you are happy we begin the tattoo process. 


The sacred space where we perform the work is energetically cleared and cleansed by smudging with one of, or a combination of sage, pinion pine resin, juniper, cedar. Karakia and Maori traditional incantations are spoken to bless the space and the energies we are working with.


Originally Shane was educated in Ta Moko by two Master Carvers, Tom Bishop and Rawiri. Shane was shown the patterns and told the stories behind them all. The understanding and history runs deep. Over the years working with Ta Moko artists and close friends from all around the land the knowledge never stops coming, learning deeper and consolidating tradition, lineage, ancestry and art. 


Ko Whakamārama tōku Waka

Ko Tararua tōku Maunga 

Ko Manawatu tōku Awa

Ko Rangitane tōku Iwi

Ko Ngati Rangitēpaia tōku Hapu

Ko Te Rangimārie tōku Marae

Ko Shane Gallagher Coley tōku ingoa 

Ko Rangiotu ko Te Papaioea ahau 

Kei Tai Koura tōku kainga.

Ta Moko & Maori Tattoo Gallery

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