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About Ceremonial Tattoo

Embark on a profound journey with my Ceremonial Tattoo offering, where each mark on your skin transcends mere artistry, becoming a deeply spiritual emblem of your life's milestones. Whether you seek to honour a rite of passage, forge an ancestral connection, celebrate a transformation, or commemorate a pivotal moment, my offering is tailored to imbue your tattoo with profound personal significance.


My process begins with intention setting, laying the foundation for your transformative experience. Together, we design your tattoo, intertwining your vision with sacred symbols that resonate with your soul's narrative. I then craft a personal ceremony, including pre-tattoo meditations and mantras, to prepare you for the transformative journey ahead. 


At the heart of my offering is Atua Healing, an integral part of my practice that clears energetic blockages, fostering growth and awakening as we navigate through the four pivotal phases of your experience: Intention, Initiation, Implementation, and Integration.From the moment you book your session, embarking on the Intention phase, through to the Initiation ceremony that precedes the tattooing, and into the Implementation where ink meets skin, culminating in the Integration of your transformation, I honour the sacred path you're about to walk. 


My offering is more than a tattoo; it's a pivotal, life-changing ritual that marks your body and soul, heralding a new chapter of enlightenment and personal evolution. Allow me to guide you through this powerful, ceremonial passage as you embrace the profound impact of being tattooed in such a meaningful way.

* * * 


I invite you on a transformative journey, one that transcends the ordinary and elevates the art of tattooing to an unparalleled level of depth and significance. My unique ceremonial tattoo offering is not just the creation of art on skin, but a holistic, immersive experience that engages your spirit and personal vision in a way no ordinary tattoo can.


Let me take you through the phases of this extraordinary experience: Intention, Initiation, Implementation, and Integration. Each marked by specific rituals and activities that enhance the spiritual and transformative journey of getting tattooed.





My process begins with intention setting, laying the foundation for your transformative experience.


Setting intentions is at the core of transforming the tattoo into a healing tool. Before the ink touches the skin, the recipient and the artist collaborate to define the purpose of the tattoo—be it protection, healing, empowerment, or a personal milestone. This intention is continuously focused upon throughout the process, infusing the tattoo with specific energies aligned with the recipient’s goals and desires. Such intentionality turns the image into a visual and energetic manifestation of the individual’s aspirations and will.


Spiritual Significance: Tattoos are more than just body art; they are deeply spiritual symbols. Setting intentions helps to imbue the tattoo with specific spiritual or healing energies. This practice can transform the tattooing process into a ritual or ceremony, enhancing its meaning.


Emotional Healing: For many, tattoos mark important life transitions, serve as memorials for lost loved ones, or symbolise personal growth and healing from past traumas. By setting intentions, individuals connect deeply with their emotional journeys, making the tattoo a powerful symbol of their resilience and healing.


Personal Empowerment: Intention setting acts as a form of affirmation or commitment to certain values or goals. A tattoo with a specific intention serves as a permanent reminder of one's commitments and aspirations, thereby empowering the individual.


Enhanced Connection: Setting intentions before getting a tattoo enhances the connection between the tattoo artist and the recipient. This shared understanding makes the tattooing process more collaborative and meaningful, resulting in a design that truly resonates with the wearer's personal story or beliefs.


Intention setting transforms the act of getting a tattoo from a simple aesthetic choice to a profound, meaningful experience that resonates on emotional, spiritual, and cultural levels.



Initiation: Ritual.


A ritual ceremony before receiving a ceremonial tattoo holds significant importance, emphasising the depth and intention behind the tattooing process.


Spiritual Preparation: Rituals help prepare the individual spiritually and mentally for the changes the tattoo signifies. This preparation involves blessings, incantations, or meditative practices that help the recipient to focus on the purpose and symbolism of the tattoo, fostering a deeper spiritual connection.


Psychological Impact: Participating in a ritual significantly impacts the psychological readiness of an individual. It serves as a mental affirmation, setting a solemn and reflective tone that helps the individual understand and accept the transformation the tattoo will bring.


Purification: Ceremony includes elements of purification,  cleansing and clearing rituals. These practices symbolise the removal of the old and the preparation for new beginnings, aligning with the transformative nature of receiving a tattoo.


Acknowledgement: Honouring the significance and process. Honouring the client - you. Honouring ancestors and guides. Solidifying the intention and marking the moment in time. An act of reverence.


Enhancing the Experience: A ritual ceremony transforms the tattooing process from a mere procedure to an enriched, multi-sensory experience, that elevates the tattooing from a physical to a more holistic, emotional, and spiritual event.


Mental and Emotional Preparation: The Ceremonial ritual helps the individual mentally and emotionally prepare for the significance of their new tattoo. This preparation helps the individual to fully engage with the emotional depth of the event, making the experience more profound and impactful.


The ritual ceremony thus enriches the entire experience, making the act of receiving a tattoo a profound milestone in an individual's life, marked with respect, intention, and reverence.





This is the true point of transition. This is the infusion moment, all elements come together at this point. The imprinting of the intention and significance. 


Energy Healing: Incorporating energy healing techniques such as Atua Healing, sound therapy, or crystal healing during the tattoo session directly influences the energy fields of the recipient. This practice is aimed at clearing blockages in the body’s energy pathways, promoting a flow of positive energy and assisting in healing both emotional wounds and physical discomfort. This aspect is crucial as it aligns the body and spirit, enhancing the recipient's capacity to integrate the tattoo with their personal energy.


This is also the time and state of meditational softening acceptance, by this stage we are in a relaxed state and imbued with the intention and significance of this moment. 


Energetic and intentional transference begins during this phase. Imprinting the tattoo with the energy and intention as the lines are applied. The imprinting of frequency into the physical body along with all layers and aspects of the energetic bodies. 


The previous stages have imbued the receiver with the fortitude and acceptance to endure discomfort, understanding that it is a temporary but necessary part of achieving the desired outcome. 


Emotional resilience is also in place for this stage. For many tattoos are deeply personal and can evoke strong emotional responses. The ceremonial preparation taken assists in handling these emotions gracefully, whether they relate to the memories, losses, or milestones that the tattoo commemorates.


This is a time of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relaxation and acceptance. The preparation up to this point and the atmosphere provide psychological comfort and distraction from the discomfort of the tattooing process.






The integration phase after receiving a ceremonial tattoo is a crucial part of the transformative journey associated with tattooing. This process allows the individual to fully absorb and understand the implications of their new tattoo, on all personal, emotional and spiritual levels.


Personal Reflection and Acceptance: After receiving a tattoo, especially one that is infused with spiritual or emotional significance, individuals need time to reflect on and accept the change it represents. This could be a new beginning, a tribute, or a personal evolution. Integration allows for this internal dialogue and helps individuals reconcile their external change with their internal state.


Healing Process: Tattoos are not only emotional or spiritual but also physical interventions that require healing. The integration period supports the healing process, not just of the skin but also of the mind and spirit. It's a time when the physical and symbolic aspects of the tattoo can meld, allowing the individual to come into balance and equilibrium, thoughts and actions aligned, and harmony between the internal world and the external reality.


Spiritual Assimilation: For tattoos rooted in spiritual beliefs, the integration phase is when the symbolic and spiritual dimensions of the tattoo can fully permeate the individual’s life.


Transformation and Renewal: The integration phase is crucial for transformation and renewal. It's a period where the individual can start living out the new truths, responsibilities, or paths that the tattoo commemorates. This can be a powerful moment of rebirth and self-discovery.


Integration, therefore, is not just about adjusting to a new physical mark but about embracing a new aspect of one's identity and existence. It's a holistic process that involves the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring that the tattoo does more than adorn the body—it enriches and transforms life.



Intention, Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Healing, and the Transformative Experience. 


By integrating these elements, the tattoo transcends its role as mere body art. It becomes Tattoo Medicina— a therapeutic tool that supports healing, facilitates personal transformation, and marks significant life transitions. Each tattoo is a step in the individual’s journey of healing and self-discovery, making it a deeply personal and spiritually significant practice.


Shane Coley

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