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Ceremonial Tattoo


Embark on a profound journey with my Ceremonial Tattoo offering, where each mark on your skin transcends mere artistry, becoming a deeply spiritual emblem of your life's milestones. Whether you seek to honour a rite of passage, forge an ancestral connection, celebrate a transformation, or commemorate a pivotal moment, my offering is tailored to imbue your tattoo with profound personal significance.


My process begins with intention setting, laying the foundation for your transformative experience. Together, we design your tattoo, intertwining your vision with sacred symbols and images that resonate with your soul's narrative. I then craft a personal ceremony, including pre-tattoo meditations and mantras, to prepare you for the transformative journey ahead. 


At the heart of my offering is Atua Healing, an integral part of my practice that clears energetic blockages, fostering growth and awakening as we navigate through the four pivotal phases of your experience: Intention, Initiation, Implementation, and Integration. From the moment you book your session, embarking on the Intention phase, through to the Initiation ceremony that precedes the tattooing, and into the Implementation where ink meets skin, culminating in the Integration of your transformation, I honour the sacred path you're about to walk. 


My offering is more than a tattoo; it's a pivotal, life-changing ritual that marks your body and soul, heralding a new chapter of enlightenment and personal evolution. Allow me to guide you through this powerful, ceremonial passage as you embrace the profound impact of being tattooed in such a meaningful way.

Let’s Work Together

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