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Why Get Tattooed Ceremonially?

  • Because you owe it to yourself.


  • Getting tattooed is significant, and the process is to be honoured in the way it is deserved.


  • Your care, respect, and individual intentions are to be honoured in this special occasion of transformation and sacred marking.


  • This is a journey and you will be guided, assisted and supported throughout your experience.


  • Each step is crucial in the process you are to embark on. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, each aspect is addressed and held in the safety of ceremony.


  • You will walk beyond this experience in the knowledge that everything is in alignment and has been conducted within a safe and sacred container… your sacred space of ceremony.


  • You owe it to yourself to be treated, guided, and held protectively and sacredly throughout your experience.


  • The action, the intention, and the markings all hold deep and important aspects that are to be applied with conscious direction and honourable acknowledgement.


  • Every aspect of you receiving your tattoo is taken into consideration.


I walk with you on this journey. You are safe, you are respected, and you are acknowledged.



As your Ceremony Holder, I come with decades of experience in both tattooing, sacred ceremony practices and knowledge. 



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