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Karakia, Blessings, Intention, Energy

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

If everything is energy this has to include all qualities and not just quantities. Also non material aspects like mind, emotions etc.

So... Aspects of energy. If everything is energy, then it can be 'stored', it can be transmitted, it can be increased and decreased or it can be transformed.

In the electro magnetic circles people just nod their heads and say 'sure, we can store electricity in the form of a battery, we can transmit it through power lines or even wirelessly. We can increase and decrease it. We can transform it to one wavelength frequency to another etc’.

All types of energy can be stored and transmitted, increased and decreased, and transformed. You're then talking about mental energy, you're talking about emotional energy, you're talking about vital life force. Vital life force can be stored and transmitted, mental energy can be stored and transmitted. Yes! Because its energy.

This leads to certain things that were done by great spiritual traditions in the past, and being able to actually store, transmit, transform vital energy, mental energy, emotional energies, spiritual energy, etc. How do shapes create this power?

The true origin of shape is when we get to the core of what this really is. When we think of today, we have been raised in a culture that is so mechanistic, that is so physical and mechanical that we don't think of where things came from in the first place.

Things have an energetic origin, they didn't just appear on the physical plane. Their physical appearance came from an energetic activity, we have to get to the level of original energetic source of it to understand the thing in the physical world. A shape is just a frozen movement. It has a particular energy movement pattern that is represented in space.

The True Origin of Shape:

According to physics there was no space time before the Big Bang. It's misunderstood by the public today when we think of the scientific theory of the Big Bang. That the Big Bang was some type of explosion that filled up an already existing space and time with all the stuff in the world. That's not at all what physics is saying. Physics is saying that from a singularity, an initial centre, an initial point which is zero dimensional in geometric theory.

A point is zero dimensions, a line is one dimensional, a plane is two dimensional, a solid is three dimensional, but it starts at zero dimensions with just a point. In physics they call it a singularity. From that singularity it expanded outward with the Big Bang that actually created space and time in an expanding sphere. That single point is connected to what we do when we are creating shape. As in a circle we can find that single point of creation. The origin point, where the non physical meets the physical. The source point. Zero point. So space time was created by the movement outward from the zero point. There was no space time at all before the Big Bang.

Physics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. That means that the Big Bang must of been an expression of energy that was present before time and space existed. Space time was created by a movement outwards of the energy inherent in that initial centre. In the singularity. So the creation of space time means something had to move, the movement had to be the first thing. There are ancient traditions that talk about the primal force is light or the primal force is sound, “The Word”. From this perspective the primal force is movement, that is the first thing that allows the singularity to move outwards. A primary motion manifested the energy into space time. Then a secondary motion had to differentiate that energy into the different ranges of qualities that determine all things and systems that exist in the world. How did they get individualised? Energy had to be programmed for a particular purpose. Movement is what programmed it. Energy into shape creates Function. Motion is the key to manifestation. Nothing manifested until that primary motion brought the singularity out into creating space and time. Motion = Manifestation, which = a line of energy movement, which = shape. Shape is that line of energy movement. Energy moves into a shape, the shape determines the function, we are programming the energy for its function according to the movement pattern that we put it into. Don’t think of shape as a static pattern but as an energy circuit. This is where energy is moving dynamically. The Energy Trinity:

Energy into Shape creates Function.

Centring Balancing Force:

Centring Balancing Force is in the centre. Draw, Build, Motion with your body a shape and this will create a Centring Balancing Force that wasn't their before. Resonance:

The awareness of different energy systems communicate through the universal energy language of “Resonance”. When two energy systems are in resonance they exchange energy and information. Just as when you have two tuning forks, one is hit to produce the sound of that tuning fork, the other tuning fork will begin to vibrate and produce sound as well due to the resonance between the two.

After this resonance and exchange of energy and information, each has been changed by the energy and information received from the other system. A vibrational imprint remains. That imprint is memory. This is true for every energy system. Thats why people can do what is called Psychometry. A person can go to a certain place, find a stone there, and they can hold it and receive impressions from the stone of activities that have occurred there before. These vibrational imprints are what we call memory. Even with us we can recall interactions with friends, family, partners from the past, these are vibrational imprints. These vibrational imprints will cause a certain energetic reaction, either you will feel happy and relaxed, or fearful and stressed. Those interactions have left a vibrational imprint on you.

This is present in all energetic systems, even inanimate objects. All shamanic systems understand this, they know there can be a consciousness in a plant, stone, carving, in all types of things. One of the secrets of the power of karakia/prayer and the secrets associated with higher meditative states etc, is that it allows us to connect to the balancing force. So now we come to intentional vibrational imprinting. Through the power of blessing and karakia/ prayer we can imprint a vibrational energy into an inanimate object. (Exercise with imprinting a piece of paper and then test for the balancing force).

So with blessing and karakia/prayer, why does that create the balancing force? Because if you are doing it properly you are connecting to the centre, that’s the purpose of blessing and karakia/prayer. When you connect to the centre you are amplifying that energy. This energy quality is found naturally in the chakras of the body, major energy chakras, same with acupuncture points, the smaller energy centres of the body. The cells of the body also have this centre balancing energy. Every spiritual power spot in nature has this also. The balancing force is what makes a spiritual power spot. The chakras in the body are a sacred power spot in our energy system.

We have the capacity to project energy. There are many energy projection modalities that project energy from the human energy field. The majority of them use energy projected from the human hands. These projections from the human hands are often favoured because the energy centres in the palms and finger tips are not only very powerful but also we have a lot of nervous energy systems connected to them and we are very conscious of them. This brings us to the work we do and the effect karakia, blessing, and intention has on what we create in the design and the pattern. This doesn't just apply to ta moko or tattooing but also to carving, weaving and painting. During the process of creating the shapes and design, the laying down of the lines in tattooing or the shaping of wood or bone by the chisel, we are creating resonance between the line or carved shape with the thing in nature it represents or symbolises.

The linear line in a tattoo now contains a movement frozen in space, a line of energy movement, energy into shape creates a function. Energy is also Consciousness, creating a shape is creating energy which is creating a Consciousness in the design. The edges and borders of a carved shape are also doing the same thing. The carving and creation of shape in wood or bone is creating a consciousness in the carving.

During the process of creating our work, as we lay down the lines or carve shape into wood we can also infuse the line and shape with the energy and purpose through the transmission of energy via karakia, prayer or intention. Weather it be the particles of pigment in the ink or the wood that is being shaped, through directing karakia and prayer we are infusing them, or programming them with an energy and memory now held within the created design. This in turn has given the design a certain vibrational frequency.

Connecting to spirit or the centring balancing force which is happening when you are in a state of prayer, karakia or a meditative intention enables the direct transmission of the energy held by the prayer, karakia or intention. The intention behind the prayer or blessing is now being infused into the line work of the tattoo or the carved shapes of the taonga. You may recall that when you walk into a wharenui containing many carvings of ancestors, events, karakia and korero, that you can feel the power and the energy within this place. A powerful connection and resonance is happening between the carvings and the ancestors, and resonance between the symbols carved into the wood telling story of events, history and whakapapa. These carvings are emitting such energy that anyone in the presence of them can feel it.

The same is happening with ta moko or tattoo. Karakia, blessings and waiata hold the story, the intention and the information, and keep you in a space of centring balance, maintaining connection and a state of intentional delivery of the energy being transmitted into the lines of the tattoo.

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