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Polynesian & Scottish Tartan Sleeve Tattoo

Ancestral connection. Polynesian/Scottish.

Our ancestors are part of us, they are in our cells and in our DNA, they are our blood and they are our bones. They are with us spiritually… and physically. They speak to us through our DNA… in every cell of our body. They are represented in our physical features and they are reflected in our health and our characteristics and personalities. They are part of us and we are part of them… eternally connected.

When we are connected to our ancestors we are open to a deeper introspection about ourselves. We can gain guidance and clarity around our life purpose… which gives us more personal drive and awareness. A sense of belonging and meaning. There is so much importance in maintaining a connection to our roots… and to our culture of origin.

When we are connected to our ancestors on a conscious and energetic level… we open the doors to assisting our blood ancestors who may need healing… there may be fractures and blockages that may need repair… and when we do this we see that it improves our personal wellness in our life now… and in the health of our soul. When we embrace a sustained connection to our ancestors… on a conscious… and subconscious level… we can transform and transmute unhealthy patterns of pain and abuse and gradually repair and reclaim a positive and healthy spirit of family and identity.

What we do here and now as representatives of everyone who has come before us… not only helps heal us here and now… but also ripples back down along the lines of our ancestry… and into our future generations… we should remember that to our future generations… we are “their” ancestor… we have a responsibility to do something and play our important part in creating… or maintaining… or uplifting… our bloodlines ancestral health… our bloodlines ancestral dignity… and our bloodlines ancestral integrity.

If we choose to… right here today… to be conscious of this and ensure our actions… intentions… and purposes… are in alignment with the greater good of our collective ancestors and descendants… then we have the power to make great change.

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