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The Vibration Of Lines And Shape

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Here we get a little scientific, but it is Ancient science. One that is being brought back to light in recent times with an ancient knowledge coming out of Egypt. But this knowledge wasn't limited to Egypt back in pre-history it was a knowledge understood by all peoples and cultures around the world. It is a science that explains the energy and vibrational resonance that emits from lines and shapes, a measurable energy and evidence that shape creates a point of origin, the one harmonic balancing energy, the point of creation and a healing effect measurable by the shapes resonance with the spiritual and physical world.

Lines and Shape create Energy, Everything is Energy... which is Consciousness. Creating a Shape is creating Energy which is creating a Consciousness in the Design. When two Energy Systems are in Resonance they exchange Energy and Information.

• Origin of Shape. Shape is frozen movement. • Motion = Manifestation = A Line of Energy Movement= Shape. • Trinity:Energy.Shape.Function.(EnergyintoShape=Function)

Energy into Shape creates Function. In other words, energy is programmed to perform a specific function, take on a certain power, by the movement pattern it is given by nature. That movement pattern, frozen in space, is shape.

Different Tattoo Shapes

Different shapes create different energetic effects. Shape is really a pattern of energy movement frozen in space, a pattern which nature gives specific power.

Shapes have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field. Bio-geometrical shapes produce a balancing effect on biological systems. The impact of geometrical shapes on the human energy systems has always been universally recognised. This awareness gradually disappeared, and our ‘modern’ approach is to consider the ancient forms either as symbolic art without function, or attribute them to magical practices

Sacred Symbols are shapes that not only have symbolic value, but also emanate energies that facilitate a connection to spiritual life. You can detect the different vibrational bands coming off the shapes of the Hieroglyphs. French radiethesiaist Louis Turrenne developed a tool and technique to detect and identify the complete vibrational spectrum. In all there are twelve seperate bands of invisible energies. French researchers found that this powerful hidden energy was in fact engineered into tools developed and used in Ancient Egypt, China and in other advanced spiritual cultures around the world. The precise vibrational emission engineered into these ancient artefacts was kept secret by the initiates who developed the tools, until this research discovered it within the vibrational spectrum.

The hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt were analysed using these tools. You can detect the different vibrational bands coming off the shapes of the hieroglyphs. In many places in

Egypt you will find that someone went by later with a chisel and they cut the hieroglyphs. Once the pattern is no longer continuous, once the continuous flow pattern has been cut and stops it is like getting an electrical circuit and cutting it. The energy will not flow through the circuit anymore. Through testing the hieroglyphs the complete hieroglyphs emitted the full vibrational frequency, the ones that were cut were flat. No vibration, no energy wave coming from them.

This knowledge that Lines and Shape produce an Energy because of their resonance with the subject they are representing is what brings the importance of the ancient shapes and lines we carve into bone, stone, wood and also in tattooing.

The subtle energy quality communication through resonance based on the Law of Similarities is found in many ancient rituals, herbal medicine, and shamanic practices.

The human being is an open energy system in a continuous dynamic interaction that is influenced and influences the surrounding environment. The environment must be regarded as an integral part of the biological system.

Tattooing Your Skin

Our skin is the physical border between our inner environment and the outer environment, it is actually a communication system with its meridians, chakras and acupuncture points. Our skin with these windows and doors must be seen as a very important communication layer where the exchange of information between the inside and outside takes place. In many cultures, the skin is regarded as the keeper of information on every aspect of our lives. The concept that our skin speaks to the universe, yielding it all our inner secrets, is not far fetched. Nor, on the other hand, is the concept that our skin draws the entire information of the universe into our hearts.

Kiri ō tua. The skin, is the ear of the body.

When a certain Line or Shape is placed within the body’s energy field or within the skin itself there is a vibrational frequency, an energy signal now being received. An Environmental Signal. This now becomes part of the individuals vibrational frequency. The same is happening when wood, bone and stone is carved. The shapes now give the object a vibrational frequency that can be felt. When you see a toanga, touch it, feel it, you can feel its energy. When you walk into the Whare-nui you are bathed in the energy emitted from the carvings and panels adorning the walls. This is an unmistakable feeling, overwhelming, powerful.

The way I see it is when you apply or add certain lines, shapes and patterns that emit certain vibrational frequencies due to their resonation properties they hold... you are now embodying those properties, they are added to your frequency. Beneficial frequencies added to your body via the lines, shapes and patterns of symbols in turn raise your frequency.

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