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The Energy Of Shapes and Symbols In Tattoos

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

This episode we’ll be talking about the vibration and energy of lines, shapes and designs. The vibrational frequency of symbols and the lines and patterns we put on us as tattoos.

This concept is real. It’s a technology. It’s something the ancients understood and used. And it’s something that has a profound effect on us, the human body, and anything that’s in the energetic field of that pattern or design.

Now when we look at a design or a symbol we get a visual response within us, it may trigger a feeling, it may be appealing, it may represent something we are already familiar with, it may trigger a memory or an understanding in association with that symbol or pattern. These are all things we are familiar with and we have all observed.

Many years ago I noticed something happening in regards to placing patterns and symbols and designs onto people through tattooing. In particular when using patterns that have been used for centuries if not thousands of years. But also modern symbols or symbols and designs created right now for someone.

What I noticed happening with my clients sometimes was an energetic response or shift, sometimes emotional, a combination of emotions, or a release of blocked energy or an opening up of a particular connection to something spiritual, or their inner self, their higher self, their ancestors.

I remember the first times this was really becoming noticeable and I had this download realisation that a connection to the mauri, or life force energy was taking place.

I would have clients coming back to me or writing to me explaining something had changed since their tattoo. Some were saying healing had taken place. Some were saying an energetic shift had occurred, and where they had been blocked in life previously, they now were moving forward. Many examples of other things occurring as well.

Now I understand a lot of this happens also when we are using intention, and I’ll talk about that later. But what I was seeing was what I believed to be initiated from the design itself. I understood that there was some sort of energy being emitted from the design, that certain designs had certain causes and effect. I believed lines, shapes and symbols emitted their own vibrational frequencies and there was a noticeable energetic relation to the pattern.

And I was like wow… what if we understood this clearly… and we could use this… we could create designs and patterns purposefully to facilitate certain effects… this would be awesome.

What if we really understood why certain designs and patterns have been used for thousands of years unchanged because they contain not only a visual aspect but also a certain resonance and energetic frequency. What if these symbols have been programmed and hold energetic information for a purpose.

How can we tap into that and now create our own… specific to a certain individual and purpose.

So I spent years trying to make sense of it and trying to find a way of explaining it and understanding it. I wanted to work out a way of purposefully facilitating it.

From a young age I was able to see this vibrational line around things. Around people, trees, stone, a table, everything. Even when I drew a shape on paper I could see a line of energy around it and I knew this energy was created by the shape and that the shape was emitting some kind of power.

This idea that shapes and designs emit a vibrational energy is in fact true… it’s real… it’s measurable… and it has an effect on us. This is something the ancients in all cultures knew about. This was a knowledge and a technology the ancients understood and purposefully used.

It was the ancients who understood what symbolism was, what it was doing and what frequencies certain symbols emitted. And these laid onto a person, into their skin, added that frequency to them. So in a way you were raising an individuals frequency.

Symbols and patterns in resonance with things in nature contain the same vibrational frequency. Resonance will be something I talk about later as well, resonance plays a very important role in all this.

When Homeopathic remedies are created they go through a process of vibrating and diluting the physical natural remedy such as a flower or plant down so far that only the vibrational frequency of the plant exists in the remedy. This vibrational frequency is used to work on and heal the subtle vibrational energies of the body.

Studies was done where the vibrational energy field around a vial of homeopathic remedy was mapped. Theres a photographic technique that captures the energy map around something, I can’t remember the name of this type of photography right now, but its a way you can take a photo and the energy field around something like a leaf or whatever becomes visible.

This created a specific pattern on a piece of paper which is in resonance with the homeopathic remedy. The pattern which is nothing but black ink on paper was put through the same process of creating a homeopathic remedy charging a blank vial of water with the vibrational frequency of the symbol on the paper.

When the vibrational frequency of the original homeopathic remedy and the symbol charged vial where measured they both had the same frequency. Both charged vials achieved the same homeopathic effect the remedies are used for.

You are achieving healing using only a pure vibrational geometric pattern. It shows you just how powerful it is for just a pure symbol to have healing bio-informational properties upon the body.

It’s working with the subtle energies of the body.

So there is an Energy and vibrational resonance that emits from lines and shapes, a measurable energy and evidence that shape creates a vibrational frequency.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in understanding how shapes and designs emitted an energy was when I went to the US and studied in a course of ancient Egyptian knowledge.

These were teachings that had been handed down and were all about how shape and design and patterns emit an energy and a frequency and how to create certain beneficial ones… also how to test and tweak the shapes to enhance them and become more in resonance with a certain person or environment.

Even though this course was Egyptian based it was still knowledge that all ancient cultures understood. If a culture painted on walls, or carved into stone or wood or skin… or built structures to live or to learn in… then they understood the use of the energy and resonance in shapes and designs.

Different shapes create different energetic effects. Shape is really a pattern of energy movement frozen in space, a pattern which nature gives specific power. When you create a shape, a point of creation is created within that shape, a point of energetic origin, which is the one harmonic balancing energy, this point of creation has a healing effect measurable by the shapes resonance with the spiritual and physical world.

“Energy into Shape creates Function.” In other words, energy is programmed to perform a specific function, or take on a certain power by the movement pattern it is given by nature. That movement pattern, frozen in space, is shape.

Lines and Shape create Energy. Everything is Energy… Energy is Consciousness. Creating a Shape is creating Energy which is creating a Consciousness in the Design.

Consciousness is a product of the organisation of energy. Consciousness is caused by organised energy. Consciousness itself is an energy field. If there is an energy field… then there is a consciousness.

Just as in Animism… which is the most ancient spiritual belief system on earth… our ancestors of all cultures understood that everything has a consciousness. That there is no difference between the spiritual and physical world and that the soul or spirit or sentience exists not only in humans, but also in other animals, plants, rocks, mountains and rivers… even words.

So when we are creating a shape… we are creating a consciousness. When a shape is created… a centring point is created… and from the shape itself an energy is created and emitted… where there’s energy, there’s a quality that has an effect on us. A function.

Motion equals Manifestation.

When you use the motion to create a line you are manifesting a line of energy movement… which equals a shape.

Shape is that line of energy movement.

Energy moves into a shape.

The shape determines the function.

We are programming the energy for its function according to the movement pattern that we put it into.

We shouldn’t think of shape as a static pattern… but as an energy circuit. This is where energy is moving dynamically.

Say using Hieroglyphs as an example. You can detect the different vibrational bands coming off the shapes of the Hieroglyphs. French scientist and radiethesiaist… Louis Turrenne developed a tool and technique to detect and identify the complete vibrational spectrum. In all there are twelve seperate bands of invisible energies.

The hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt were analysed using these tools and they were able to detect the different vibrational bands coming off the shapes of the hieroglyphs.

The hieroglyphs were emitting a vibrational frequency.

But what’s interesting is that in many places in Egypt you will find that someone went around later with a chisel and they cut the hieroglyphs. Once the pattern is no longer continuous, and the continuous flow pattern has been cut and stopped… it’s like getting an electrical circuit and cutting it.

The energy won’t flow through the circuit anymore. Through testing the hieroglyphs the complete hieroglyphs emitted the full vibrational frequency, the ones that were cut were flat. No vibration, no energy wave coming from them.

If we’re talking about energy and frequency, and if everything is energy… this has to include all qualities of energy and not just quantities of energy. Science deals with the quantities of energy, it measures energy in its quantity… using numbers to measure its quantity of energy. Like an engines energy is calculated by the output derived from a physical source.

What we’re dealing with here is the “quality” of energy. Emotions have an energy… happy, sad, angry… these are all qualities of energy.

Nature deals with the quality of energy… colour, sound, shape, angles… taste, smell, touch.

We need to see the non material aspects of energy as qualities of energy… like mind, intention, love and hate… the quality of energy felt between a mother and child, healing energy.

All these are qualities of energy.

The ancients understood this and worked with this, shamans worked with the quality of energy.

So when we tattoo a symbol or a design or a pattern onto someone… we are incorporating the vibrational frequency of that pattern into the person. We are adding the vibrational energy that symbol or design emits into the person.

Everyone has their own vibrational frequency and when you add a symbol or design that is on it own vibrating a beneficial energy… we are now raising that persons vibrational frequency… or at least aiding it to come back into balance if that person in not in balance or stuck in a low vibrational frequency. We’re able to raise or bring back into balance the vibrational frequency of that person.

The human being is an open energy system in a continuous dynamic interaction that is influenced and influences the surrounding environment. The environment must be regarded as an integral part of the biological system.

Our skin is the physical border between our inner environment and the outer environment, it is actually a communication system with its meridians, chakras and acupuncture points.

Our skin with these windows and doors must be seen as a very important communication layer where the exchange of information between the inside and outside takes place.

In many cultures, the skin is regarded as the keeper of information on every aspect of our lives. This understanding is the concept that our skin speaks to the universe, yielding it all our inner secrets. And also… on the other hand, the concept that our skin draws the entire information of the universe into our hearts.

Kiri ō tua.

The skin, is the ear of the body.

When a certain Line or Shape is placed within the body’s energy field or within the skin itself there is a vibrational frequency, an energy signal now being received. An Environmental Signal. This now becomes part of the individuals vibrational frequency.

There are ways to measure this energy in a design and there are ways to test and ensure the design is in resonance with the person receiving it… we can see through these techniques if the design needs to be tweaked or changed in any way to bring it more into alignment with that person.

I’ve been shown these techniques and they are a really interesting tool to guide you through the design creation.

This energy and vibrational frequency I myself have witnessed and you probably have as well in different aspects whether through a tattoo or holding a sacred treasure, or carving or when looking at an ancient symbol or being in a place of ancient importance. You can feel the energy like an unmistakable power. Sometimes subtle, sometimes overwhelming. But it’s there.

For example… when I’ve been present when a person is receiving a Mataora, the Maori full face tattoo, or moko kauae, the woman’s chin tattoo… you witness a huge shift in their energy. The person at the end of that session is not the same energetically as when they walked in. You witness them standing there afterward and it is unmistakable that their vibrational frequency has risen.

They are now vibrating at a higher frequency. With the energy of the patterns and the connection to their ancestors and the ceremony involved… this has all played important parts in raising the frequency of that individual. And it is unmistakeable that the patterns and the resonance to the past and the ancestors who wore them have been brought together.

And this is with all cultures. If you’re tattooing the designs and patterns of your culture on you then you are receiving the energy and vibration that was programmed into them long ago.

The same when you hold a sacred carving or tool or treasure, you feel the energy coming from that item. The patterns and symbols carved into the piece are emitting these powerful frequencies and they are noticeable, they are measurable and they are meaningful… and they have purpose.

Whats awesome is that once we understand what’s going on here and how we can create certain designs and patterns to be tattooed, we can ensure they are in alignment with that person, that the design is facilitating its purpose for that person.

We can ensure it is in vibrational resonance with the wearer of the tattoo. We can incorporate whatever shapes and patterns that emit the certain frequencies that that person requires or desires, for healing, balance, strength… whatever the purpose is.

Understanding this and the techniques open up the way of the ancestors and the way of our future.

Tattooing “is” and “can be” so much more than just getting an image or pattern on your skin. Your tattoo is not a static mark without function… it is a vibrating energy emanating its purpose into your own body’s energy field. And it can be programmed and purposed for whatever is needed or required.

Shapes have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field. Bio-geometrical shapes produce a balancing effect on biological systems. The impact of geometrical shapes on the human energy systems was always universally recognised in our ancient cultures.

This awareness gradually disappeared, and our ‘modern’ approach is to consider the ancient forms either as symbolic art without function, or attribute them to magical practices.

Well… it is Magick. The Tohunga, The Shaman, The Druid… they all understood this. And it’s time to bring this back. It’s time to honour the knowledge of our ancestors, we have not been listening for so long now… let’s listen again… let us reconnect.

Sacred Symbols are shapes that not only have symbolic value, but also emanate energies that facilitate a connection to spiritual life.

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